31 January 2012

Julep Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener



My Thoughts

This white cream has a soft and smooth texture, with a unique perfume scent.

After a few rubs and massage, the thick cream absorbs fast into my skin, leaving it coated and sticky.  Soon after, the stickiness will disappeared.

It leaves my hands with a very long lasting scent and as if I have applied nothing on them.

With continuous usage, my hands till has the crumpled dry skin, but the surface of my skin is very much smoother and looks brighter.


pureJeanius said...

Very interesting product, I have never used a Hand Brightener before..
I'm your new follower! It would be great if you could follow back on mine. Thanks in advance!


habbott2 said...

I got a sample of this and actually really loved it!


Alex said...

That's a brand I wanna try! :)

Bebe said...

pureJeanius, Thanks for following. I'm your new follower too.

habbott2 and Alex, I got to try it, all thanks to a giveaway. This product is not available in my country.

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