02 January 2012

Dove Supreme Silk Lotion


My Thoughts

This is a watery type of skin lotion.  It is white color with a nice cocoa butter scent that will leave a long lasting scent on my skin.

After applying, my skin has the sticky feeling.

And I noticed, it does not really moisturize my very dry skin.


Beauty on a College budget said...

Thanks for the review and I was even thinking of picking a bottle of this up from my local CVS thanks for saving me from wasting money!

socialitedreams said...

ugh, i hate watery "moisturizers" as they don't do ANYTHING.

Bebe said...

This lotion is good for normal skin.

There's another one for drier skin, which I heard is very effective on dry skin.

ZatZ said...

dnt like this lotion.. its jus useless!

SUGAR LANE said...

happy new year!
i've just discovered ur blog, very useful :)
take a look at mine and follow it if u like it!
kisses from Spain,

Bebe said...

Thank you.

Of course, I'm your follower too.

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