30 January 2012

Bio-Essence Tanaka White Skin White Perfecting Stretch Mask


Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This cotton paper mask is soaked with smooth white essence and has a sour scent.

Never let the essence get into the eyes.  It stings the eyes so badly, that tears uncontrollably flow out from the eyes.  Even after washing the eyes with clear water, they still hurt for a long time. 

I will cut open 3 sides of the foil packet and place the mask on my face. 

As for the remaining essence left sticking on the foil, I will apply it onto my neck and shoulders, and also onto my hubby's face, eyes and neck, and massage till it is fully absorbed into our skins.  

This mask is stretchable to a certain extend.  I can never stretch it to cover my entire big face.  It sticks on well, but too much movements, the mask will fall off. I will wait for 2 to 3 hours for the mask to dry and then remove it. It leaves my face sticky.

The nose part of his mask is joined to the cheeks part so it did not stick onto the corners of my protruding nose.  And the hole for the nostrils is really small.     

The next morning, my face is slightly sticky and oil shiny.  And my nose is really oil shiny.

After washing my face, it looks radiant and hydrated, with firmer cheeks.

This mask works great on our pimple prone skin.  It did not cause us any breakouts.

I bought them from Watsons at S$1.95 each


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