06 January 2012

The Nature Lab Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask


Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This smooth and thick gel-like transparent bubble mask has a mild citrus scent.

This a very convenient mask to use, which needs a minimal time.  I will use it once a week, during my poop or bath time.  

A few pumps, usually 5 pumps are sufficient for my big face.  I will apply it onto my cleansed dried face, including my eyes and neck.  

Do not let the mask gets into eyes, it hurts.

This mask is so thick that it is difficult to spread, which I have to force it to spread out evenly onto my entire face. 

I find that applying this mask onto my face is different from what you see my arm.  To see the bubbles effect, I need to apply a real thick layer.  Which I usually apply a thin layer.

After applying, leave the mask on.  After a few seconds, add water to dilute the almost dried mask and rub in circular motions for a while.  Then, repeat this process one more time. 

At the third time, I will add water to soften the dried mask and rub it circular motion.   After the mask is fully diluted with water, I will do a facial massage on my entire face, eyes and neck.  Then, pat the mask to absorb into my skin and wait for a few seconds, and rinse off thoroughly with water.  Lastly, use a cleanser to wash my face.  

After masking, my face is obviously looking very clean, clear and bright.  My pores look smaller and my skin feels very smooth.  It effectively removes the oil and dead skin, without making my skin feels dry and tight.  It is fine even without applying any beauty products after using this mask.

Everytime after using this mask, I will make sure that the bottle is clean before putting the cap back on and placing it back at a corner of my bathroom.  

But later, I noticed the cap it is slightly opened and the mask is flowing out of the dispensing hole. When I pumped the mask out, I must have triggered the mask to bubble pop inside the bottle, and the only way out is through its dispensing hole. It causes a real sticky mess.


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