20 July 2013

Sasatinnie Pure Care Skincare

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Sasatinnie Pure Care Skincare

A simple 3 steps skincare regime :
1) Soothing Cleansing Gel – Remove makeup & residues gently. Skin feel clean, soothes and comfortable after use.
2) Perfect Balancing Toner – Mild Natured, Tighten pores and skin looks supple with hydration, radiant and younger.
3) Gentle Moisturizing Cream - Strengthens skin barrier, calms delicate skin, Deep nourishing, controls oil and water balance which leaves skin rejuvenated.

Gentle Moisturizing Cream  50ml  $26.90
Soothing Cleansing Gel  100ml  $21.90
Perfect Balancing Toner  250ml  $21.90

 photo SasatinniePureCareProducts02.jpg

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I got them from SaSa SG


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