09 July 2013

Ahava DeadSea Water Mineral Body Exfoliator Sample

 photo AhavaMineralBodyExfoliator06.jpg
 photo AhavaMineralBodyExfoliator05.jpg

My Thoughts

I'm loving the gel-like exfoliator. It's not the thick, concentrated type, but it has amazing power in polishing my dark dull skin. The white scrub comes with a very lovely floral scent and contains pink algae smoothing particles.

During shower, I will wet my entire body, mix water to the scrub and start rubbing all over my body. As I rubbed in circular motion, the pink particles will disappear and big white granules will appear. After exfoliating, rinse off thoroughly with water and continue to bathe with the bath foam. It polishes my skin amazing well that it becomes very smooth, bright and clean.
  photo AhavaMineralBodyExfoliator03.jpg
  photo AhavaMineralBodyExfoliator04.jpg


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