14 July 2013

Wendy's Frosty Cone

  photo WeekenderWendysFrostyConeVoucher03.jpg
The first ice cream is already eaten before the picture was taken.

We exchanged the vouchers for the cold Wendy's Frosty Cones.  We got the vanilla as the chocolate flavour is unavailable.  We find that it tastes much better than the MacDonald's ice cream as it's smooth, less creamy, less sweet and doesn't make us feel thirsty.  The  crispy chocolate waffle cone tastes great too.  It's really delicious and costs 70 cents per cone.

 photo WeekenderWendysFrostyConeVoucher02.jpg
We got the Wendy's Frosty Cone Vouchers from Weekender Singapore.
  photo WeekenderWendysFrostyConeVoucher01.jpg


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