06 July 2013

Dessert Cup Macaron Choux

  photo DessertCupMacaronChoux03.jpg

 photo DessertCupMacaronChoux04.jpg

 photo DessertCupMacaronChoux05.jpg
9 Flavours of Macaron Choux

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 photo DessertCupMacaronChoux07.jpg

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 photo DessertCupMacaronChoux02.jpg

 photo DessertCupMacaronChoux01.jpg

From dessert.cup

I'm super unhappy with the foreign P staff for reprimanding us for not calling them before going down to collect it.  We called and it was the beautiful Chinese supervisor who answered the phone.  The P staff is unfriendly, rude and showed us a black face.


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