28 July 2013

PorterHouse Restaurant & Bar

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer01.jpg

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer02.jpg

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer03.jpg

Wolters Pilsener  330ml
It tastes like Tiger beer.

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer04.jpg

Australian Rib Eye Steak topped with black pepper, and comes with French Fries, Salad and Sauce.
We wanted a well done steak, but it's over well done that it's dry and tough.

Purple Croquettes Baked Beetroot BBQ Lamb and Mint Mayonnaise  $12.
The round balls tastes very good with the crispy skins and soft fillings.

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer05.jpg

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer06.jpg

We paid $13.20 for the total bill.

Free Steak and Beer from HopsBeverages.


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