07 July 2013

313@somerset Vouchers

 photo 313SomersetVoucher01.jpg

We got the vouchers from 313@somerset.

 photo 313SomersetVoucher02.jpg

Etude House $10 Cash Voucher x 3

 photo 313SomersetVoucher03.jpg

Forever 21 $21 Gift Voucher

 photo 313SomersetVoucher04.png

Yoshinoya Exclusive Voucher x 4

 photo 313SomersetVoucher05.jpg

Marche Voucher

 photo 313SomersetVoucher06.png

Fish & Co. $10 Gift Voucher

 photo 313SomersetVoucher07.png

Kenny Rogers Roasters $5 Gift Certificate

 photo 313SomersetVoucher08.jpg

Paradise Inn $10 Dining Voucher x 2

 photo 313SomersetVoucher09.jpg

313@somerset is giving out vouchers that can be used only at 313@somersetAll prizes must be redeemed within 2 weeks upon receiving the emails.  The vouchers are mostly $5 and $10 vouchers, which we have given up quite a number of them as we don't need them.
We went down to 313@somerset twice with the printed emails to redeem the prizes and find that they provide really slow service and their concierge is not friendly as they are unhappy to check our printings one by one.
We really don't understand why we have to print out the emails to redeem the vouchers.  They can simply use our ICs to check in their system to see our winnings. Using paper unnecessarily is not saving the earth.  They are wasting our paper and ink. Moreover, we don't have printers at our homes and it's really inconvenient to print personal things in the office so we decided not to play the game anymore. Our last game was 27 June.  If they are more considerate and sincere in giving out the prizes to us, we could have won more vouchers and patronise 313@somerset more often.


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