05 July 2013

Muthu's Curry

 photo MuthusCurry01.jpg
They're crispy but a little bitter.
White Rice, Cabbage, Brinjal  $6
I like the soft cabbage, tastes quite good. 
I've never eaten brinjal in my entire life.
 photo MuthusCurry02.jpg
 photo MuthusCurry03.jpg

Chicken Tikka  $12
The chicken is tough and the sauce is hot.

Fish Head Curry  $20
This is the normal kind of fish with a small head.  I prefer curry fish head with the huge fish head.

 photo MuthusCurry04.jpg

Squids Sambal  $7
This is nice, but real spicy hot.

Masala Prawn  $7
$7 for a prawn is really expensive.  After removing the shell, it's only a small piece of prawn.

 photo MuthusCurry05.jpg
 photo MuthusCurry06.png
Lime Juice  $3.50
Guess the cold sour lime juice is my favourite.  The meal was nice, but a little too spicy and also the small portion of foods can be quite costly.
 photo MuthusCurry07.jpg
After deducting a $60 voucher, we paid $5.30.


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