15 July 2012

Sunplay Watery Cool Clear and Smooth SPF 65 PA+++ / Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock SPF 75 PA+++

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My Thoughts

As seen on the picture above, this white liquid lotion leaves my palm slightly oily.

After applying, it gives my skin a very cooling effect, with a very strong menthol scent, that reminds me of the pain relief plaster. It does not leave the skin sticky, but slightly oily.

With its high SPF, it keeps the skin well protected from the harmful UV rays.  But, need to reapply it every 2 hours or at any time when needed.

Also, this lotion will not prevent you from getting sunburn. So, do not stay under the scorching heat of the hot sun for long hours. Otherwise, you will look like a 'suckling pig' like my sister.


My Thoughts

As you see on the above picture, this mist leaves an oily coating on my palm.  The water mist is gold in color and smells like hair spray.

This is a very convenient kind of sun block mist, just spray directly onto the skin and rub.  It is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it oily coated.  And when I spray a few more layers, my skin becomes sticky.

With the high SPF, it keeps the skin well protected from the harmful UV rays. 

For those who needs to stay long hours under the hot sun, do remember to respray it every 2 hours or at any time when needed.

To redeem your Free Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ Sample, please Click here.

My Postman delivered this package to my house.

I'm not expecting the arrival of these products, but I think they are from EK Media.
As per Sharmilla's email, I'm supposed to receive 3 tubes of Mentholatum Lip Gel, but Sunplay was sent to me.
Anyway, EK Media and Mentholatum, Thank you so much for the awesome sponsor.


pureJeanius said...

I love Sunplay! I was suppose to buy this before but decided not to because I was afraid the cooling effect might feel too menthol on my face. I got the Clear Water instead.

Bebe Lee said...

This range is a bit too cooling.
Try the Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++. This one doesn't give the cooling effect.

My FB Corner said...

I didn't know this brand, it looks great!

Mai from My F&B Corner
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