13 July 2012

Fuku Bag Product - July Pack 1

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NatCol Wild Pasture Foremilk Tender Moist Body Lotion
Effects : moisturizing, whitening, moisturizing, refreshing

Product Specification : 260ml
Producing regions : the country of origin : New Zealand
valid until : June 2013 (exact date to receive products subject)
for all skin types, especially for children and sensitive skin.

My Thoughts

This thick and silky white body lotion has a mild shea butter fragrance.  Apply lotion onto my entire body, as it's really thick so it requires more rubs for it to thoroughly absorb into the skin.  It leaves my skin with a greasy feeling. 
After every application, my super dry skin feels silky smooth, supple and moisturized.
Like what my mom always says, lotions for dry skin must be the oilier the better.
I agree, but being coated in the oil in our hot weather is kind of uncomfortable. I really dislike the oily sweat.  I see oily patches on the leather sofa.
This is a good lotion for those who lives or need to be long hours in the air-conditional. And I'm sure it's a lotion that you must bring along on your tours, to protect your skin from the dry air of the colder countries.

Bulgarian Rose Water Natural
Brand : Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group (BPG)

Efficacy : uniform color, moisturizing, skin repair, anti-aging
Product Specification : 500ml
Producing regions : Bulgaria
valid until : January 16, 2014
suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

My Thoughts

This lotion, woo .. . I got to hold my breath while spraying it onto my face.  This transparent water smells real bitter, like bitter gourd plus rose fragrance.  The scent is so yacks.
I have never eaten bitter gourd in my entire life, it's too bitter for my liking.
After cleansing, spray a few times of this water onto my entire face and neck, or anytime when I want to freshen up.  It's easily absorbed into the skin, and it doesn't sting the eyes.
After a few applications, my skin feels much smoother and looks brighter.
It can be used onto other parts of the body too.  Anywhere, on the dry skin.
It did a good job in keeping my skin supple and moisturized.

Cyclax Green Tea Refining Face n Neck Cream

My Thoughts

This cream has a very pleasant refreshing green tea scent.  It's a soothing, thick and creamy light green cream, that's easily absorbed into the skin, without leaving it oily and sticky.
I'll apply this onto my neck and shoulders, it leaves my skin feeling really soft, smooth and well moisturized.

Cyclax Apricot Facial Scrub
Improve skin quality

My Thoughts

I love its refreshing apricot fragrance.
This beige facial scrub feels soft and smooth, and contains lots of exfoliating beads.
After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto my face and rub in circular motion on my face, eyes and neck for a few seconds.  Then rinse off thoroughly with water.
It leaves my skin very clean, smooth and bright.

Popular Good Night Aqua Cleansing Emulsion

My Thoughts

This thick and silky white cleansing emulsion has a mild perfume scent.
With makeup, I'll double cleanse with it.  It thoroughly removes the BB cream and waterproof makeup.  It cleanses well, leaving my skin very clean.
After, I'll wash my face again with a facial foam wash.

Derma Circle BB-II
Reduce irritation / Make-up base

My Thoughts

This thick and creamy BB cream comes with a very nice aroma scent.
It is easily applied and blends well into the skin.
After applying, it gives my skin a natural smooth and dewy look.
But I find that the tone is slightly too fair for my tanned skin.
So, I gave it to my vain mommy, who loves to have white skin.  

The Singapore Premium Cosmetics And Beauty Products Gift Giving Site

Check out the amazing products at Fuku Bag Facebook and www.fukubag.com.sg ( which will be available really soon ). 

Company Overview
High-end beauty products ranging from a simple make-up eyeliner, to a luxurious fragrance , or even ladies' favorite deluxe snacks from Tokyo to Paris, all are on a attractive discount sale in a limit time by Fukubag.
Orders will be packed in the Fukubukuro bag and deliver to your door way in a short time.
It is more than just a fortune bag.

Founded 2011, Originated from Japan, Fuku bag is known as “Fuku bukuro” in Japanese. It describes a bag that can bring you prosperity and joy.

Thank you to Fuku Bag Team for the beauty products samples.


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