29 July 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I received a One Lovely Blog Award from Nadya of Beauty Addict on 10 June 2012.  Thank you so much.
Actually, I wasn't informed of this award.  I found out yesterday, during Google Search.

Nomination Rules.
  1. Post the award image to your blog
  2. Link the person who has award you
  3. Post 7 random things about you
  4. Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs

7 Random Things About Me.
1. I'm a simple lady from the sunny Singapore, who loves to blog about the things that I like and dislike.

2. I love animals.  Everything furry with four legs.  I have four cats, and my bias is Bebe Junior.
On 12 October 2010, I found my beloved street cat Big Head dead in the drain. He was poisoned to suffer and died. Till now, I still miss him. It's not that I'm black hearted ( 黑心 ) / evil, I'm still cursing the murderer for Big Head ( tabby white ) and his girlfriend witch ( grey tabby ).

3. I'm putting on weight due to my love for oily / fatty foods, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chocolates, Mountain Dew and etc. I really hope to slim down, but it's pretty difficult cos' I simply can't resist their temptation and also I really dislike exercising.

4. Due to my naughty and mischievous character, similar to Dennis the Menace, I'm called MenaceIt makes me really happy to disturb people, even my cats hate me for that.

5. I love travelling, but the tour packages are really costly and rushing.
I want to go Africa, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Egypt, Turkey, South Eastern Europe and so on.  Actually, going anywhere is fine, as long as I'm out of the Singapore's hectic life to relax. 

6. I really envy gals with the cute dolly makeup looks.  I want to makeup like them too, with the false eyelashes and huge round contract lenses eyes.  But, I can't seem to do it right.  At least before I die, I want to look pretty like a doll too.

7. I love K-Pop, really enjoy singing and dancing along with them. 
My current favourite song is She's My Girl 내 여자라고 by F.I.X 픽스 .  I really really love JungWook 정욱 and OhSung 오성 vocals / high notes.
My most loved artists are Jason Jang HanByul 장한별 and Heo YoungSaeng 허영생.  I love 한별 so much that I want to be with him.  The stupid me, must be crazy!  I'm gonna forget this flirtatious and girly guy. 
Yesterday night, I rushed home just on time to watch Led Apple 레드애플's Run To You 런투유 performance on SBS Inkigayo on One TV Asia.  I'm watching the same episode for the third time.  There're another three more repeats to catch.
My 오빠 who's only interested in the charming, sexy female groups watched their whole performance for the first time.  Then, he commented "这个 group 比 CN Blue 好".  Wow, I'm really soooo happy to hear that. 
오빠 said I'm 恶心 ( disgusting ) for loving 한별 so much and 한별 is also 恶心 to mention my name twice on the shows - Gurupop and Simply K-Pop.
Please give lots of love and support to Led Apple and F.I.X, but please don't love 한별, he's mine ...

I'll give this award to these lovely 8 Blogs.

Adeline Choi of
ah-da-lin: meanie @ work
Exah of NailZilla
Charmaine of One Impulsive Scorpio
Shasha of Pieces Of Me
q0q0 of q0q0's Blog


Shasha said...

Thank you for giving me an award :D

Bebe Lee said...

You're most welcome.

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Bebe Lee said...

Thanks for the info.

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