19 July 2012

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Micro-Peeling Cream Wash

My Thoughts

This beige cream wash comes with a natural floral fragrance.  It contains lots of exfoliating beads.

Add water to dilute it and bathe, but it only lathers to very mild bubbles.  Rub and scrub for a few seconds, and rinse off with water.  It leaves my skin smoothly coated.

After the very first usage, I noticed my skin looks very much brighter and the dark mark (caused by my laptop) on my thigh has lightened. 

It is a nice cream wash, but lack of bubbles.  To me, no bubbles mean not clean.  So I use this wash only in the morning or when I stay at home the whole day, where the air is cleaner.

When I am out in the polluted environment, I definitely need a lathering bath wash for a good cleanse, to thoroughly remove the germs and dirt.


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