23 July 2012

Sofy Body Fit Comfort Nite Ultra Slim Wing 35cm

Do you know we toss and turn more than 20 times when we sleep?
Do you worry about leakage especially when you sleep?
How do you prevent leakage? Should you restrict your sleep or have a sleepless night just to change your pad regularly?

A good night's sleep is very essential especially for women.

Fit-to-Absorbent Zone - Gentle raised center fits to your body always and absorbs fluid quickly to prevent leakage.

Super Absorbent Gel - With 10x absorbent power, lock fluid promptly.

Full Back Protection with Strong Adhesive Stickers - Keep napkin stay in place to prevent back leakage.

Improved Double Anti-leak Press Line - To prevent fluid from spreading out even during heavy flows.

One packet has 8 pieces.

Sofy Body Fit Comfort Nite Ultra Slim Wing 35cm from Sofy Singapore.



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