05 July 2012

Two Deaths

It's kind of upsetting to witness 2 deaths today.

The pigeon is hardened and slightly wet.  It's lying upside down on the void deck of a housing block.  I wonder why it died in such an awkward position.

In fact, I saw this little rat yesterday night.  It was lying motionless on the staircase, looking as if it's soundly asleep.  At night, I kept thinking about it, so I decided that I should give it a burial place.
Today, it's still there.  After the heavy rain this morning, it's soaking wet with tiny bits of tissue paper on it.  When I picked it up, it's soft.  I placed it inside the long grass.  Rest in peace, little rat.
Both of them died with their eyes wide opened, meaning they 死不瞑目.


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