01 June 2012

Silkpro Hydrasoft Balancer



My Thoughts

This is my abandoned bottle of Silkpro Hydrasoft Balancer.

I used to love Silkpro and have tried many of their products.  After years of usage, I do not see any improvement on my skin so I totally stopped using this brand. 

This balancer comes with an inconvenient screw cap.  It has a super nice perfume scent.  It acts as a toner and has a thick serum-like texture.   

Squeezed out a sufficient amount onto my palm and apply onto my cleansed face, eyes and neck.  After a few rubs and pats, it absorbed into my skin, leaving it coated and soon my face turned oily.

According to the sales promoter, this product will help to remove the oily T-zone and when my skin is PH balance, I will have beautiful normal skin with no more pimples.  However, after using 4 to 5 bottles, my T-zone is still oily and I still have breakouts.

It is really disappointing, so I do not purchase this brand anymore.

But, I feel that this balancer is suitable for people with dry skin.  It is kind of oily, so it will help to keep dry skin well moisturized.


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