23 June 2012

Borghese Forma Bella Body Contour Creme

I got a $50 store credit ( which is S$63 ) from Fishpond.com and I decided to get the O'slee Slim Face Medi Deep Clean Mask  70ml and

Based on palm-derived emollients, this richly-textured cream works to diminish the appearance of cellulite and scars. A unique combination of Caffeine, Guarana, Cinnamon, and Ginger plus Vitamin E and Borghese's exclusive Acqua di Vita® Complex provide nourishing, anti-oxidant protection. Leaves skin toned, silkened, and younger-looking.Caffeine, Guarana, Ginger, Cinnamon & Iodine - helps reduce the appearance of dimpling, cellulite & scars. Algae & Pullulan - helps tighten & firm the skin. Acqua di Vita® Complex - helps revitalize the skin. Multi-Vitamin CO Q-10 Complex - provides anti-oxidant protection from free radicals. Made in USA.

The total price is $52.99 + $9.70 = $62.69.
 photo FishpondBorgheseFormaBellaBodyContourCreme04.jpg

 photo FishpondBorgheseFormaBellaBodyContourCreme02.jpg

 photo FishpondBorgheseFormaBellaBodyContourCreme01.jpg
However, after a very long wait, the O'slee Slim Face Medi Deep Clean Mask 70ml didn't arrive at my house, so I went to their web page to check and found out that it's out of stock.  It would be nice if they could inform me that the product is unavailable through email.


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