12 June 2012

Guest Post - DIY Beauty : Make Your Own Dotting Tool For Nail Art

Chance upon TheBeautyDepartment.com on Pinterest ( if you do not know, read this post: I’m on Pinterest ) and found some really cool stuff and I’m sharing one from them now.

If you like to paint your own nails and explore creative ways of doing it, I’m sure you will know about the dotting tool. Prices for such dotting tools vary depending on where you buy them. But why buy it if you can easily make your own with resources you probably already have in your home? Don’t know how? Let’s find out.

Photo credit : todaybeautytips.com

If you don’t know what is a dotting tool, this is it.
Click on image to read about how to use a dotting tool.

 Photo credit : TheBeautyDepartment.com (Kristin Ess)

Photo illustration on making your own dotting tool.

Quote from TheBeautyDepartment.com :

1. Get a straight pin. You’ll notice there are different sizes when you’re at a fabric store ( we used superfine for this ).

2. Get a number 2 pencil with an eraser or one of those retractable erasers as seen above.

3. Insert the pin into the eraser. Try to keep it straight. If you push it into the eraser and notice it’s crooked, just bend it a little to center it. That will insure you get a perfect dot every time.

4. Dip + dot.

 Photo credit : jeealee.tumblr.com

Perfectly dotted polka dots nails.

Say hi to perfect little polka dots nail and dot away now.


By Guest Blogger - Adeline Choi
Blog - ah-da-lin: meanie @ work


Megha Varshini said...

this is just awesome... will definitely try..


Bebe said...

Yeah, I agree.. looks pretty.

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