14 June 2012

Silver Tabby Cat

Recently I saw an abandoned beautiful Sliver Tabby Cat.  The friendly cat has a good nature and a lovely meowing voice.  He's looking really cute with his huge head, big round eyes and long tail.  But he has a concave stomach and visible bones. Think, he hasn't been eating for days.  With its color and puffy tail, he reminds of squirrel.  So, I nicknamed him Squirrel.  Squirrel is unsterilized and super skinny.
I first saw him at the basement of a multi-storey carpark.  Then he disappeared for sometime, and reappeared again downstairs my block.  And then disappeared again.  Finally today, I saw a familiar cat sitting on the stairs of a block.  Upon a closer look, he's squirrel.  He must be really hungry that he crossed over to another estate.
My heart's broken to see this beautiful cat being so skinny and hungry.  Singapore is really hot these days.  The heat is killing me.  With his thick coat and no water, he would be feeling worse than me.  I simply can't understand why the owner threw away such a good nature cat on the street.  He's so lovable.  Hope the cat feeders spot him soon.



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