20 June 2012

Guest Post - Kimchi Mermaid Violet Lens

Hello, I'm wearing new lenses from Duffy Beau.

This is my first pair of 16.2mm violet lenses. They are super pretty, with flecks of blue inside.


When worn ...

In brighter light ... I know this photo is a little blur, but the blue flecks are showing up so well here.

Comfort : 5/5 - comfy comfy.
Enlarging effect : 5/5 - 16.2mm.
Design : 5/5 - I super love the design.
Color : 3/5 - Color is not very obvious though.

Kimchi Mermaid circle contact lenses contain a lovely Star-Leaf design that will light up your look and create a bright, large awake eye day or night.

Mermaid contact lenses available in 3 tone pigmentation.

Diameter : 16mm
Water Content : 55%
Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50
Life Span : 1 Year

By Guest Blogger - Ying Jie


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