23 June 2012

My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask 我的心机 珍珠粉潤白面膜


My Thoughts

I do not know why, but I am a huge fan of facial masks.  I love masks more than anything else in the beauty world.

I am loving this Pearl Whitening Mask too.

It comes with a mild perfume fragrance, and is soaked with lots of non-oily and non-sticky transparent white essence, that will not sting the eyes.

As usual, on a well cleansed face and after applying my regular skin care products, I will gently place this paper mask on my face.  It is pretty fragile, so handling it rough will cause it to tear. 

This soft and smooth translucent paper mask fits and sticks on well to the face.  I will leave it on my face till it is completely tried up. 

In order not to waste the remaining essence left on the foil and plastic sheet, I will apply it to my neck and shoulders. After some rubs, it absorbed into my skin, without leaving it oily and sticky.

The next morning, I see a slight oily shine on my face, especially on my nose. But my face is looking brighter, with a smooth and moisturized skin.  My cheeks feel bouncy and firmer. 

In actual fact, I really dislike the plastic sheet that comes attach to one side of the mask.  It is kind of bothersome to separate them.  However, I find that this plastic sheet is unique, it looks pretty with the small square see through holes.


Pearl Whitening Mask
- $14.50
- 30ml x10pcs
Available at Watsons Stores Island wide

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