13 June 2012

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

I'm really amazed to see these Dog Whisperer products displaying on the shelve of a small pet shop. This is the very first time that I see Cesar Millan's products. Wow, I'm so excited.

I love animals, everything with four legs and furry. But I'm super afraid of the big grey rat, they always freak me out. Guess, to remove my fear, I need to have the chance to know and get along with them. Rats are pests to Singaporeans, by all means, they are killed ( regardless of the method used ... even cruelly ).

I'm a huge huge fan of Dog Whisperer, so that automatic makes me love Cesar Millan too.  
Oh ... I love Daddy too. I simply love him for behaving like an old man. I enjoy so much watching his slow movements and reactions. He's so cute and lovable. How I wish I could hug him once and take a picture with him.  But, just only I learnt that Daddy has passed away in 2010 and Cesar Millan is divorced in 2010 too.  I'm really surprised and depressed that Daddy whom I love so much is no longer with us. Of course, I like Junior too.

Junior and Daddy

These incidents happened 2 years ago and I only knew that now. I must be truly a 'mountain tortoise'.  Probably, it is because Singapore is now showing Dog Whisperer Season 5, which is a 2008 - 2009 programme.

Recently, Cesar Millan is filming Dog Whisperer in Singapore. I'm hoping to see him on the streets or somewhere, but I didn't. Guess, we are not fated to meet. It would be really nice to meet him at least once, shake hands and have a picture taken.

It's obvious that Cesar Millan loves dogs and is by all means trying to save them. So, I hope we humans will have and show some respect to the animals and animal lovers. If you can't love them, just ignore them, please don't harm or abuse them.


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