30 May 2012

Fancl Deluxe TenseUp

My Thoughts

This drink is really sour, with a sort of toffee taste.

After drinking for a week, my face is obviously very much smoother, brighter and my cheeks feel much firmer and bouncy.  And I no longer have oily T-zone and pimples. 

I noticed that the freckles under my eyes and the dark spots on my arms are much lightened, and many have disappeared.

This drink gives amazing results towards beautiful skin on the face, but not on the other parts of my body.  I still have super dry skin on my arms and legs.

As usual, this beauty drink is a long term commitment.  After I have finished these drinks, 2 days later, a few pimples appeared on my cheeks.  It is pretty disappointing to see my radiant skin gradually returning to its usual condition, and the oily T-zone reappeared.


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