30 April 2012

BeautyBlender Pure

Beautyblender has appeared in countless magazine articles.

Beautyblender has been featured on numerous television shows and is often used behind the scenes.

A flawless look starts with the perfect canvas – clean, beautiful skin.

Most of us have come to rely on the original beautyblender – the iconic bright pink elliptically shaped, hi-definition cosmetic sponge – for picture-perfect makeup application.

Celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva is taking her expertise in creating the flawless face a step further with the launch of beautyblender pure.

Beautyblender pure utilizes the innovative shape, texture and material of the famed beautyblender makeup sponge and strips it to its core to provide woman with the perfect tool for prepping their skin for makeup application. Ideal for at-home beauties and professional aestheticians alike, pure is designed to be used with moisturizers, eye treatment serums and lotions, makeup primers and makeup removers to be a truly hygienic, gentle way to ensure optimal use of the most advanced skin care products.

Our skin care routine is an investment and applying product with our fingers leaves for spotty coverage, less penetration of product in key areas around the eyes and nose and allows for dirt to travel over freshly cleansed skin.

Why beautyblender pure ?

Shape : beautyblender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease.

Texture : Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face.

Material : beautyblender is latex free, non-allergenic and odour free.

Color : In celebration of nature’s most perfect design –the egg – pure is clean and simple.

How Do You Use pure ?

Bounce pure against your face when applying makeup primers, eye treatments and moisturizing serums. Bouncing, called stippling in the makeup world, blends product evenly onto the skin ensuring complete coverage.

Use pure’s pointed side for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth, and under the eyes.

Use the round base on the larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Use pure damp when any applying primer or skin care products or makeup. When pure is wet, it is normal for it to expand to nearly twice its original size. Wash after use with the new solid cleanser and let air dry.

More Tips On How To Modernize The Way You Make Up

Did you know ?

that when wet the beautyblender becomes twice its size and even softer

that when it air dries it goes back to its original size

that the beautyblender is latex-free, totally odourless and hypoallergenic

that your pedestal is the perfect place for the blender to air dry on your vanity

that the beautyblender can be used wet or dry; but the BEST results are when its used dampened

that the smaller tip end is not only the best applicator for concealer under the eyes, around the nose, but also for achieving dramatic results with your eyeshadow

that the beautyblender can be used will all types of makeup, including loose powder and mineral makeup

that the beautyblender applies self tanning lotions without ANY streaks

that with proper care, your blender will last 4 to 6 months

that the soy based, lavender scented blendercleanser was specially formulated to maintain the integrity of your beautyblender and helps to make it last that long

that the blendercleanser is also a perfect cleanser for your favorite brushes AND

that you are a person who has begun to Modernize the way you makeup ! 

My Thoughts

This egg shaped sponge feels soft, smooth and bouncy, and has a nice scent.  Its unique shape fits nicely onto my hand and is easy to hold on.  I prefer to use it dry. 

With it, makes applying the makeup base, like BB cream and foundation real easy.  

I will squeeze an appropriate amount of BB cream or foundation on the sponge and apply.  After applying, my face looks amazingly beautiful with a smooth, flawless, even and natural finish.  

I will use the round base for my forehead, cheeks and neck.  And the pointed tip is great for applying on the corner of my nose and eyes area.

It works well in applying moisturizer too.  I will squeeze the moisturizer on the round base and apply onto my face.  While applying in circular motion, my skin feels very comfortable with the soft and smooth sponge as if I am massaging my face and neck, and the moisturizer absorbs fast and evenly into my skin.

With this amazing sponge, there are no more messy hands for me.

Every time after use, I will wash it with cleansing or bath foam, and the sponge is as clean as new.

However, it does not work well with cleansing foam.  No matter with how much cleanser and water, and much hard I rub, the cleansing foam will not lather to bubbles. 

My cat loves this sponge too.  It is a fun ball game for her.

Limited edition beautyblender Pure Kit includes 1 beautyblender pure sponge + 1 solid cleanser + 1 air bag S$76

Original beautyblender
Single beautyblender includes 1 original beautyblender sponge S$29.90
The Duo Kit includes 2 original beautyblender sponges S$39.90
Blendercleanser S$28.90
Starter Kit includes 1 original beautyblender sponge + 1 blendercleanser S$49.90

Beautyblender is exclusively available at selected BHG stores and www.beautycarousel.com.


Thank you, Japalang and Ariel for the awesome sponsor.

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