02 April 2012

CandyDoll Makeup Base SPF30 / CandyDoll Liquid Foundation / CandyDoll Powder Foundation Samples

CandyDoll Makeup Base SPF30 01

 This thick and creamy pinkish makeup base has a sweet scent like bubble gum.
After my regular skin care routine, I'll apply a layer of the base on my entire face.  It leaves my skin white, sticky and oily.
My face has a nice bright and dewy look. 


CandyDoll Liquid Foundation 02

This liquid foundation has pale orange color, with a mild powder scent.
It's easily applied onto the face, giving it a smooth, dewy and natural finish.

  CandyDoll Powder Foundation 01

The powder foundation is very fine, soft and light. 
It leaves my face looking smooth, fair, natural and matte.


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