11 April 2012

O.R.I Nail Lacquer

This nail lacquer is smooth, easy to apply and fast drying.

One Layer

Three layers

I found this long forgotten nail polish deep inside my sister's drawer. At first, I thought it is O.P.I, but it actually is O.R.I. I wonder what is this brand and color?  Can someone tell me, I am really curious?


Mish Rendon said...

the packaging looks exactly like opi. but it has a nice color.

anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet!

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Bebe said...

Thanks for the invitation. I've entered.

adelaide012 said...

shade is nice but the why you apply it on nail is not so good.. try to paint nail clearly..

Bebe said...

I just applied it for fun as I don't really like the color.

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