01 May 2012

Beauty Products

Aloe Extraction
Block UV
Non alcoholic

Laaaf White Reveal Tender and Smooth Mask makes you feel like going back to when you were young.

Laaaf is specialised in anti-aging.

The advanced technologies of Chromocare and Etioline are used to help every lady resist wrinkle, sagging, darkening, dryness and any other kinds of skin problems due to ageing.

Replenish collagen and water for skin.


-        Help skin improve the ability of locking moisture

-        Prevent and repair small damage of skin

-        Help to tone up loose skin and lighten wrinkles

-        Lighten spots and prevent melanin

-        Resist ageing

Since the picture shows 5 pieces of mask, I thought I will get a box of 5, but I only got 4.

I got 4 pieces of Laaaf White Reveal Tender and Smooth Mask and a Herbal Hydrating Skin Conditioner from Fuku Bag Facebook - Great Giveaway.

For reviewing my previous winning on their Facebook, I received two pieces of Green Skin Eye Bag Eliminator Eye Mask.

Thank you, Fuku Bag for delivering the gifts to my house.

and Thank you, Ladies for your precious 'likes'. Saranghae.

I was out for dinner, so these gifts were left inside the dirty shoe basket infront of my door.



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