28 April 2012

Apple Skin Care Eye Mask

I redeemed a free Apple Skin Care Eye Mask from The Sample Store.


My Thoughts

This eye mask contains a lot of transparent essence and I love its sweet perfume scent.  It fits nicely and sticks on well onto my eyes, and the essence will not sting the eyes.

I love the unique shape of this paper mask that covers my entire eyes area, which makes me look like "batman".  While masking, it is really nice that I am able to keep my eyes open to do my stuff and watch television. 

In order not to waste the lots of remaining essence left on the foil, I will apply it onto my neck and shoulders.  Or keep it in the refrigerator.  The next evening, I will use it to massage my eyes area. 

After masking, it leaves my skin with the sticky feeling.

The next morning, the skin around my eyes is so much softer, smoother and brighter.


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