17 April 2012

Super Gloss Lip Balm - Lime

Japan Super Gloss Lip Balm

The Super Gloss highly moisturizing vitamin E lip balm, contains Vitamin E, effectively prevent dry lips, and peeling, highly moisturizing factor.  Time to care for your delicate lips.

For dry lips.  This is the solution.

Effectively Moisturizing.

Suitable for all types of lip.

Eight colors, Eight Flavours.

Lovely shape, useful Tool.

A hot selling Lip Balm in Japan.

Lovely Design, the reason why Japanese girls love this.

My Thoughts

I love the beautiful tube of this lip balm.  It has a mild lime fragrance.

After applying, it leaves my lips smooth and oily, with a nice lime scent.  My lips are definitely well moisturized without the sticky feeling.

With continuous application, my lips have become so much softer and smoother.

I won this Super Gloss Lip Balm from Fuku Bag Facebook - Great Giveaway.

Thank you, Fuku Bag for delivering the gift to my house.  And, Thank you so much, Gals for your votes ❤ ❤.

Since the pictures showed 8 different flavors lip balms, so I thought that I would get a full set.  I am rather disappointed that I only received one.


Shang J. said...

Aw! This looks so cute. =D

Bebe said...

I agree and effective too.

Laura said...

Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

karo ;* said...

beautiful blog !
check me out,
karo :)

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