29 April 2012

Carlo Rino $80 Voucher

$10 off voucher, for minimum purchase of $80.
$20 off voucher, for minimum purchase of $100.
$50 off voucher, for minimum purchase of $150.

The vouchers are not valid for sales items.

The expiry date of these vouchers is 30 April 2012.


My cousin and I each won a $80 Voucher from Carlo Rino Singapore Facebook - Because We ♥ Love You Giveaway.

This is such a disappointing winning.  They should have stated that it's a $10, $20 and $50 voucher, instead of $80.  Or post a picture of it on their Facebook, so that we are able to read its criteria.

According to the sales promoter, they are having sales now and the sales prices are much worthy than the discount from the vouchers.

I am super unhappy about wasting my time and transport fee to travel so far away to NorthPoint Mall to collect these useless vouchers.  They should have mail them to us.

Sorry to say that I have a lousy feeling of being cheated.  They do not seem to be sincere in giving out the prizes. 

As these are useless vouchers, no wonder, they are so nice to giveaway 100 x $80 vouchers.  Many of my friends that won, gave up their prizes.  Guess, my cousin and I are the stupid ones who went to collect them.   

Hopefully, they will be more sincere and generous for their future giveaways.


Zheng Wei said...

I same as u.. waste time and $ go down collect!

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