10 April 2012

Fukubukuro / Lucky Bag

I won a Fukubukuro / Lucky Bag from Little Maketto Giveaway on 27 March 2012.

Mr Postman delivered the package to my house today.

Durian Candy

A piece dropped out during its journey here.
It's okay, I will paste it back with super glue.




Hair Band

Sephora Nail Polish Corrector

Sephora Scented Spray Perfume Blackberry Red Currant 10ml

Chanel Precision White Essentiel Ultimate Whitening Essence 2.5ml

P’Liv Note it – Removable adhesive paper 25 sheets


Thank you so much, Min.  I super love the accessories and beauty items.



min said...

So sorry about the bangle... Hope it wasn't too difficult to attach the jewel back on. Very happy to hear that you liked everything!

Bebe said...

Hi Min

It's okay. I love everything inside, they are all so pretty.

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