29 August 2013

Lowrys Farm Men Polo

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt02.jpg

I bought 2 Men Polo from Lowry Farm on Sunday and am super upset with their poor service.

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt01.jpg

The staff put both the polo into the bigger bag.  My mother loves the bag so I asked her to put them into two bags, but she refused and later she squeezed one polo into the small bag.  She should have given my mother the big bag cos when my mother carries it around, it helps to do free advertising for them.  I'm truly unhappy with her bad attitude.

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt04.jpg

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt05.jpg

And worst, they sold me a torn polo.  There's a big hole on the shoulder part.  

How can I continue to support them, I don't think I ever want to buy anymore clothes from them.

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt03.jpg


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