01 August 2013

Ahava Facial Renewal Peel Sample

 photo AhavaFacialRenewalPeel04.jpg
 photo AhavaFacialRenewalPeel05.jpg

My Thoughts

The concentrated gel peel has a very nice orange scent.  I will apply it on my entire clean face and neck, avoiding the eyes area and leave it on for 10 minutes.  The peel leaves the skin coated with a shiny greasy layer.  After rinsing it off with water, I will wash my face with a cleansing foam.  I find that this peel is really good in turning my dull skin into a beautiful clean, clear, smooth and bright one.  Love it.
 photo AhavaFacialRenewalPeel02.jpg
 photo AhavaFacialRenewalPeel03.jpg


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