13 August 2013

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar at Bay Hotel

 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot07.jpg
Hotpot Set B for 2 worth $48 

 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot01.jpg
 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot02.jpg

Tom Yam Soup  ( It's really so hot and spicy that burns my mouth )
Chicken Soup

 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot03.jpg

 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot04.jpg

 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot05.jpg

Bee Hoon and Tang Hoon

 photo MelicacyStreet50RestaurantBarHotPot06.jpg

We are purposed to get the Hotpot Set A at $32, but was given the Hotpot Set B at $48.

We had an enjoyable dinner at the cosy restaurant.  Love their good service and yummy food.
Thanks to Melicacy for the voucher that we are able to have the free meal.


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