24 August 2013

Ugly Tabby Cat

 photo EvertonParkTabbyCat240801.jpg
 photo EvertonParkTabbyCat240802.jpg
I saw this ugly tabby cat laying under the hot sun near the stairway.  It's so sleepy that it can't even move.
The sleepy cat is a really good example which made me can't help myself from being sorry for all the innocent cats that are culled during the sars virus outbreak years back.   I remembered I saw an article where a pest control company mentioned that in the afternoon they are only able to capture the sleeping and sick cats for culling.  Recalling of how the innocent animals are being killed really sadden me.  Now it's the Hungry Ghost festival 7th month, I wonder if those people who are involved in culling the innocent cats have sent their offerings to the cat spirits that are taken away in such a cruel way.  Those cats would definitely not rest in peace.


Monte Dunn said...

What a harsh thing to say, that cat isn't ugly. :/

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