17 August 2013

DC Bakery And Coffee Bar

We attended a Tasting Party at DC Bakery And Coffee Bar.
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar02.jpg

 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar01.jpg
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar03.jpg

Grissini Breadstick
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar04.jpg
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar05.jpg
Pineapple Mousse
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar06.jpg
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar07.jpg
Strawberry with Mango Frosting Cupcake
Chocolate Cupcake
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar08.jpg
 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar09.jpg
I really love their yummy food.

 photo DessertcupDCBakeryCoffeeBar10.jpg

Thanks to dessert.cup for the invitation.


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