03 August 2013

Silk Whitia Highly-Concentrated Collagen Masks


Silk Whitia Highly-Concentrated Collagen Gel Mask
Silk Whitia Highly-Concentrated Collagen Hydrating Mask

As stated in the giveaway, they are purposed to give out the Deep Collagen Contour Face Mask by Absolute Wellness & Beauty 100 worth $95, but they gave out the cheap masks.

After spending more than 2 hours inside the salon, hearing about blah blah blah. The older lady forced my cousin to purchase a slimming package at $3988 minus a discount of $200.

The pretty lady was serving us, but this older lady came in to test our patience. She stood beside the table and frequently interrupted our conversation. She's loud spoken with a high pitch piercing voice and her rude attitude really made us uncomfortable. Moreover, if their salon really can make people slim, than how come she's fat from head to toe with a tummy full of fats.

I really regretted following my cousins down there, I should have gone shopping myself.

My advice to you is don't enter the giveaways from
Absolute Wellness Group as they are holding giveaways to make you go down to their salon to sell you their expensive packages.


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