24 November 2014

ASUS R405C Notebook



I'm very happy to purchase the brand new notebook at a cheap price of $400. But I'm super unhappy to see the huge stain marks on the cover. It obviously came from the paper cardboard below as it has exactly the same shape. The stains are obvious and cannot be removed. Like my previous laptops, they should stick a piece of clear protection film on it to prevent the ugly strains.

Sometime ago I won a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 3138 but that laptop is so super slow. It hanged and showed not responding so often that I cannot use it anymore. What's the point of them giving away a laptop that is so lousy till cannot be used. Everytime I used it, I'm full of frustration and anger, and waiting for it to respond is taking up too much of my time, so I bought a new one.

The worst laptop that I ever had is the Lenovo IdeaPad U400.  It gets hot within seconds.  Even with the laptop cooling pad on, it will still be very hot.  After using for 2 years, the keyboard spoilt.  The E and F keys so often start typing by themselves and I got to press Esc key to stop it.  And all the keys on the right side of the keyboard are not working.  I will definitely not purchase Lenovo laptops anymore for the rest of my life. 

I hope my new ASUS R405C Notebook will not give me problem.


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