14 November 2014

Alexandra Village Food Centre

Beef Hor Fun  $4.50

$4.50 for a plate of beef hor fun is very expensive. The beef hor fun tastes quite nice, but then the beef can be quite tough and is being cut so thick and big, it's difficult to chew and swallow. Guess this is their lazy job done.

Pork Ribs Rice  $4

I quite like this dish, except that the sauce is too sweet. The other stalls that sell pork ribs rice always provide sambal chili and it tastes so good with the rice, but surprising this stall doesn't have sambal chili, so I got no choice but to eat it with cut chili.

I strongly feel that they should provide hot sambal chili to make their dish taste better.

The pork ribs meat can be quite tough. Some plates got more meat and some got lesser. We pay the same price, so this is unfair.



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