21 November 2014

De Ganesh Brightening Repair Essence Face Mask

My Thoughts

I bought the box of mask from Hong Kong.  The paper mask is soaked with alot of clear liquid essence and has a pleasant perfume scent.  I don't quite like the paper mask which is a little thick and hard, and doesn't stick well onto the skin.  

I normally use paper type of mask at night when I relaxed and watch television.  As usual, I will put the mask on my clean skin and leave it on till it dries up.  In order not to waste the remaining essence left inside the foil packet, I will apply it on my shoulders, arms and legs.

After removing the mask, my face is real oily and sticky.  The stickiness will go away after some time.  The next morning, my entire face is still oil shiny and after washing it with washing foam, my skin feels smooth, looks brighter and is well hydrated.

One box contains 25ml x 6 pieces of individually wrapped mask


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