15 November 2014

Kentucky Fried Chicken - Plaza Singapura

Today is a real bad day for me and surprisingly I didn’t get angry or scold a single vulgar word.  I wonder when did I become so kind, which is so unlike me.  I regretted so much for not scolding her.

I visited KFC at Plaza Singapura wanting to eat my favorite chicken meal, but was totally pissed off by a young and fat Indian crew.

I was sitting down on the right chair, she was at the opposite corner on the left side clearing the table.  Yet she can let a cup of coke fly over towards me.  Lucky I put my big bag infront on my lap covering a big portion from my tummy to my thighs, and also I reacted fast by jumping off from the chair.  If not my entire tummy down to my feet will be all wet.  

How can KFC employs someone who has such a lazy attitude. She stacked up the rubbish from a few tables to as high as a mountain into one tray so that needs to go to the rubbish bin one time only.  Is this right?  No wonder the tables, chairs and floor at the other side were covered with wet brown coke. It must be her doing.  I'm certain she has made tons of things dropped all over. How can they train their staff to work like this?

She didn’t apologize, just got me some tissue paper.  Do you know how disgusting it is to have stranger’s saliva, cold coke and stickiness all over both of my entire legs to my feet.  She is young and strong but her working attitude is ridiculously bad.  Even the elderly and intellectually disabled people can work better than her.  
When I asked to see the manager, he kept repeating what I want him to do.  Is he saying pouring a cup of sticky cold coke on me is correct?  He should be apologizing, offering to help or compensate me, but he didn’t.  He just stood there with no expression and asked silly question. 

 photo KFCPS151104.jpg

And he still got the cheeks to ask us to change to a clean table and go to order food at the counter.  He should have sincerely apologize and treat us to a free meal.  He’s treating us like fools.  I'm super upset with their bad attitude.

Of course, we left and this will be the last time that I step into this outlet.

 photo KFCPS151103.jpg

KFC at Chinatown Point provides super bad service too.   All the crews are very young people.  They don’t care even when the queue is getting longer and longer.  There was once the two crews, a Chinese gal and guy at the counter were like completing with each other to see who’s the slowest.  They each took so long to pack one box of chicken.  They probably want to be slow so that they can serve fewer customers.  I noticed their chicken parts are super small, much smaller than the other KFCs.

And they are really weird.  How can they add so much water into the soap dispenser that the soap becomes exactly like water.  How do we wash away the oil from our hands.  Is this the way they save money.  So stingy, must as well remove the sink, don't let people wash their hands inside KFC.

I have eaten there a few times but not anymore.  I will never buy anything from this outlet again.


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