01 November 2014

The Food Place - Raffles City

Deep Fried Chicken Rice   $5.50
This is my all time favorite.  I love the chicken meat in the sweet and hot chili sauce.

Pepper Lunch Hamburg Steak and BBQ Beef   $8.20
When it comes to eating this dish, I'm stress.  The hot plate is hot and heavy to carry.  Some hot plates get cold very fast so I got to be super fast in cooking the raw meat and veggie.  There was once when I eat this, the hot plate got cold so fast that I only managed to cook the meat so the veggie was raw.  I don't fancy raw veggie especially when this one got a super weird stinky raw taste.

The Food Place is having a promotion.   Purchase $6 of food in one receipt, use the receipt to buy a cup of soft drink at $1 from the beverage stall.

So we bought a cup of Sprite at $1.



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