20 November 2014


Once again.  Since Monday afternoon I'm unable to log into my Facebook account and this is the number don’t know how many times already. I think Facebook is kinda unprofessional as to block other people’s account as and when they like without giving us notice. Their reason for blocking me is I'm not using my real name. I think it's alright to use our AKA names as long as they are not dirty, vulgar or offensive names. Using my real full name is dangerous as I don't want the entire world to know my real full name / identity and also hackers may hack and use my account to commit cyber-crimes and people will think it’s me. To me, everything relating to the web is not safe and I have to be real careful about it. Safety comes first, prevention is better than cure.

 photo Facebook.png

As stated on their web and email, in order to have my account unblocked, I will have to send them a copy of my photo ID.  But how can I trust and show them my original photo ID with my personal details.  They may use it to commit crimes, if you watch CI ( Crime and Investigation ) Channel on Cable TV, then you will know what I'm talking about.  No one can be trusted, especially when it comes to the internet and I definitely don't want myself to become a victim of cyber-crimes.

My Facebook account is for entering contests.  Once my account is blocked means all my comments on the giveaway posts will automatically be invisible to all.  They are not only obstructing me in entering the giveaways, but also preventing me from winning.  I could have been one of the 30 winners for today’s giveaway.  Cos Facebook blocked my account so my comment is not visible and I missed out the chance get the prize.  

I responded to their request and sent them my ID with my photo and name on it ( I erased my other details ) since Monday and got three emails reply but my account till now is still not yet unblocked.  They are doing such a ridiculous slow and lousy job. 

I have many friends who are using AKA names and what about the Artists who are not using their real names, why aren’t Facebook blocking them all.  This is a bias act or they just wanna have fun to cause nuisance to some.

I hope in future, they will have the courtesy to inform or request for whatever they want from us first instead of straight away blocking our accounts.  I’m really disappointed with their rude and inconsiderate action.  After all, it’s only a Facebook account so why they got to make a big fuss over it.  What about Instagram ( which belongs to Facebook ), people are certainly not using their real names in it.  Shouldn’t they do something about it too?

Hopefully they will unblock my Facebook by today.


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