19 September 2014

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar - Holland Village

Karamiso Tonkotsu Ramen  $12
( Original Miso Tonkotsu Ramen )

The chewy ramen is quite nice to eat.  But the egg is too soft that it breaks so easily as I picked it up.  I do not like the super salty soup and the really tough small pieces of meat.

Karaka Men  $13
( Spicy Yuzu Ramen )

The soup is quite spicy and the seaweed is salty.

Yaki Gyoza - Tori  $6
( Dumpling - Chicken )
I love this one.  The soft skin with the tender chicken meat inside is delicious.

Cold Water
Sesame Seeds

With a $20 Gift Voucher, we paid $16.45 for the total bill.


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