05 September 2014

Cathay Complimentary Pass

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Cathay Complimentary Pass
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We got them from Cathay Cineplexes
We won many food prizes from Cathay Lucky Seats but not gonna claim them as we are only interested in the complimentary pass.  Each pass cost $9.  It's kinda disappointing that the passes can only be used on weekdays ( as stated ). 
I find that Cathay can be quite stingy in terms of the prizes.  The tickets look so awful like some kind of waste paper and they can be used only on certain weekdays.  As compared to Golden Village, Golden Village movie money is professionally printed and can be used to watch any movie, at any day and any time.
Also going down to their Martin Road office during office hours before 4pm is super inconvenient.  There's no MRT, public buses and parking available outside their office building.  They used to allow winners to collect the prizes from their Customer Service at Cathay Cineplex located in Handy Road which they are opened daily till 9pm.  This would be much more convenient for us, hope they will show some consideration for their royal fans.


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