15 September 2014

Catch 'n Bite – Westgate

 photo CatchBiteCrunchinCrab02.jpg

Crunchin’ Crab  $8.90

Crispy Soft-Shell Crab, layered with Lettuce and Tomatoes, in between a toasted Ciabatta Bun. Topped off with a drizzle of Ol’ Spice Sauce.

I bought it yesterday night using a $5 voucher so I paid $3.90 for it.  The crab was crispy yesterday but after keeping it inside the fridge overnight, it becomes soggy crab.  It's cold but still tastes delicious and I love it. 
 photo CatchBiteCrunchinCrab04.jpg
 photo CatchBiteCrunchinCrab05.jpg
 photo CatchBiteCrunchinCrab01.jpg


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