10 September 2014

Tsubaki Hair Oil ( Leave-in Hair Treatment )

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My Thoughts

I'm a big fan of Tsubaki, have always loved their shampoos and conditioners which are really effective for a soft, smooth and shining hair.

Tsubaki Hair Oil is a leave-in hair treatment in clear gold color and has a super lovely scent.  It can be used on both dry and wet hair.  I prefer to use it on my dry hair.  Each morning, I will pour out 1 time of hair oil on my palm and massage it onto my hair to tame the flyaway and moisturize the dry ends.  It's easily absorbed into the hair without leaving it oily.  I love how my hair feels after applying it.  It feels so soft and smooth.

It can be used as hair mask too.  Every night before I go exercising, I will shake out generously 3 times of hair oil onto my palm and apply it evenly by spreading, rubbing and combing through with my fingers to all over my hair especially on the drier ends.  Pouring out 3 times of hair oil means a lot so it will leave my hair oily, but it's okay cos I will wash my hair when I go home.  After washing and drying my hair, my hair has gotten really soft, smooth and shining that I can't stop myself from admiring and touching it.

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It comes in a lovely designed crew cap red bottle and contains 60ml of hair oil.  However I find that it can be quite difficult to pour out the oil from the hole on top.  I would prefer a pump out bottle which I can easily control of the amount of hair oil being taken out.
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After applying the Tsubaki Hair Oil, my hair is instantly soft, smooth and shining.
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Before - my hair is quite dry and dull but after using it for a few days my hair has gotten really soft, smooth, moisturized and shining.
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What is Tsubaki Hair Oil ?  And what can it do for your Hair ?
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Wanna win the New Tsubaki Hair Oil for you and your 2 friends?  Follow Tsubaki Singapore Facebook and join their giveaway coming up on 12th September 2014.
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Thank you to Tsubaki Singapore and samplestore.com for the awesome sponsor.


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