12 September 2014

Selfie Stick / Monopod

If you have a phone with a camera, you would love the selfie stick. People all around the world use the selfie monopod to take lovely selfies and group photos. It is a simple and small yet powerful tool that can be brought along with you anywhere.

Some of you might think that the selfie stick or monopod is an unnecessary device and may even make you look weird when you use it. You can take selfies with your phone anyway so why would I bother introducing to you this product?

Well, the selfie stick is offers much more than it seems to. You will be surprised at how incredibly small and light the selfie monopod is when you first received it.

When you take your first selfie with it you will know why so many people have started to use it. It opens up vast arrays of possibilities for taking selfies and group shots.

Features of the Selfie Stick / Monopod

1. Light and compact

Carry it with you everywhere you go

Possibly the most important feature of the selfie stick. You will have no problems carrying it wherever you go since it is extremely light, compact and portable. It can fit comfortably in your palms, or in your bag. At only 120g and 22cm when contacted, it is as heavy as an iphone and as long as an ipad mini.

2. Compatibility

Works with all phones and cameras

Regardless of the size / shape / OS of your phone, it will be able to fit in the extendable phone bracket. From the smallest Nokia 3310 ( 5.5cm ) to the largest Galaxy Note 3 ( 8.1cm ), the phone bracket on the selfie stick will clamp securely onto your phone. The removable phone bracket means that you can mount your camera on the screw also.

3. 3 Rotations, 2 Knobs

Shoot from any angle, adjust easily

Twist, turn and lilt, any orientation of your phone / camera is possible with the 3 types of rotation. No longer will you need to worry about getting the perfect shot. The 2 built in tightenable knobs on the selfie stick allows you to keep the phone / camera in the right position after adjustment.

4. Extendable up to 115cm

Full body self portraits, larger group shots

The extendable design of the selfie stick / monopod allows you to extend the monopod to any length you desire. Whether it is full body selfies or large group shots, the selfie stick will create your ideal shot. Its maximum length of 115cm also means no more cropping out faces of your friends.

5. Soft Rubber Grip

Comfortable to touch, safe to hold

Rubber sleeve at the lower end of the selfie stick makes it comfortable to hold. It is also removable and water-resistant. Lines on the rubber sleeve increase friction, giving you easier control and firmer grip when adjusting the orientation of the camera / phone. Comes in 3 colours : Blue, Red, Black

My Thoughts
I love taking selfies but often find that it's too tiring to take it with my extended arm.  When taking group photos, it's really difficult to fit in all the faces into the camera.  But with a selfie stick, I'm able to do so.  It's easy to use and great for people who love to take selfies.  The stick is quite light and small enough to put inside the bag.  The phone bracket clamps well so I don't have to worry about my phone or camera falling out.
I find that the selfie stick is especially useful when on a holiday trip to some foreign countries cos I can simply take photos of myself and with my friends without having to bother the other tour mates or ask for help from some strangers.  With the extended stick I can take photos of myself together with the beautiful scenery behind me.
But the thing I don't like about it is that the metal stick can be quite hard to extend out, a lot of my strength is needed to pull it out as it's often stuck.

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